An Abbreviated History

Dixon Grove Baptist Church was founded in 1956 by the late Reverend John  Arthur Dixon. The early church began holding services in a schoolhouse in Clayton County, Georgia. A couple of years later the church held services in a rented house on what is now known as Elliot Road in Jonesboro, Georgia, which is adjacent to this present site.


The year was 1959 and God had blessed the church financially and they were able to purchase an acre of land at this present site for the sum of $250. After the land purchase, Reverend Dixon proceeded to the county court house to obtain a building permit. The Board being somewhat doubtful, asks Rev Dixon exactly how he planned to build this church?  He simply replied, “It will be built on faith!”


Reverend Dixon knew God never calls you to a task without equipping you. With this thought in mind and a building permit in hand, he was led to a company in Stockbridge, Georgia called Clark and Foster.  Rev. Dixon was assured by Clark and Foster that he would receive the materials and things needed for the completion of the church. The cornerstone was donated by the contractors and laid by Deacon Eddie Cloud, the late Clem Davenport, the late Willie Boyce Sr., the late Johnny Boyce, the late James Dixon, the late Walter Dixon, and the late Marvin Dixon.  Open house was held Sunday, November 01, 1959.  The first marriage performed at Dixon Grove was Deacon Eddie Cloud and Sis. Mary Lucile Brocks on June 7, 1963.


Reverend Dixon went on to pastor the church for an additional twenty (20) years. On September 03, 1979, the visionary gave up his fight and went to his eternal reward.   After six (6) months of actively searching for a pastor, God sent the young, energetic James Edward Harris to minister to this small flock. From that time to the present, Pastor Harris has built a thriving ministry.


God has blessed Dixon Grove Baptist Church to do great things. Many programs, activities, and ministries have been formed including: “Note Singing”, Baby Contest for King and Queen, Youth Ministry, Prison Ministry, Prayer Band, Women for Christ, Junior Ushers, New Member Fellowship and Luncheon, Gentlemen of Dixon Grove Choir, J.E. Harris Children of Praise Choir, Pastor’s Support Ministry, and 8:00 A.M. Worship Service.  We have also been blessed to purchase a van and a bus for the Transportation Ministry.


Since moving into our new edifice in 2002; Dixon Grove Baptist Church has been honored with visits from renowned guests including Rev. Joseph Lowery, Civil Rights Activist; Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., Rainbow PUSH Coalition Founder/President; Mr. Charles “A Train” Drysden, Tuskegee Airman; Dr. Barbara Pulliam, Clayton County Public School Systems Superintendent:  Troy Ramey & The Soul Searchers, Katie Sankey, Ruben Studdard, James Bignon, Deitrick Hadden, BIU (Brothers In Unity), and Marvin Sapp as well as many local talented Christian Artists.


There are several projects currently being considered; A Singles Ministry and an On-site Family Life and Day Care Center.


We have an obligation to God and our fellow man to enter these doors to worship and depart to serve.

Built On Faith November 1959

Renovated, July 1970

Built in 2002


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